iBrick™ 2000 All Flash & Hybrid Storage Appliances

iBrick 2000 (IB2000) is an advanced storage for organizations of any size with new levels of performance, reliability, availability, and scalability. Suitable for heterogeneous environments, virtualization, various Applications, private Clouds, and datacenters.

Unified block (iSCSI), file (SMB, NFS), NVMe over fabric storage server with enterprise features such as active-active dual controllers, thin provisioning, and de-duplication that can scale-up and scale-out to peta-byte capacities with no downtime.

  • Continuous Availability- Simply runs all the time

       - Dual hot-swap controllers- Active-Active

       - Dual hot-swap power supplies- Runs with one

       - Hot-swap drives- Replace a bad drive while running

       - RAID- Runs with 1 or 2 failed drives

  • Multiple Interfaces- Connect to all your servers

       - iSCSI SAN (Storage Area Network)- Block transfer

       - NAS (Network Attached Storage)- File transfer- SMB3, NFS

       - NVMe over fabric

       - Multiple 1Gig, 10Gig, 40Gig, 100Gig Ethernet ports

  • Data Reduction - Eliminate wasted capacity

       - Thin provisioning & De-duplication

  • Scale out and up - Start small, grow your storage as your business grows

       - Expand through quad SAS ports

       - Add a full box appliances

       - Online Volume or Storage Expansion

  • High performance - Get results faster, increase your revenue

       - Flash, NVMe, RDMA
       - Storage Tiering

       - High speed interfaces with Multi-path, Multi-channel/Session/Connections

  • Simple management - Simplify your life

       - Familiar windows interface with central management of multiple appliances

       - Power Shell with scripting, scheduled Snapshot, revert, and convert to volume



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