iSCSI Target Software Appliance (iTSA™)

iSCSI Target Software Appliance (iTSA™) is a standalone software product that enables building a complete iSCSI based Network Storage appliance using off-the-shelf servers. All you need is a standard server and an ITSA to have a SAN… iTSA’s easy-to-use, web based management GUI gives users a central management station to configure, allocate, and manage the storage resources for the entire enterprise. iTSA™ will turn any standard server into a Networked Storage by allowing any storage, internal disks, volumes created by a raid adapter, or external storage attached to that server to be shared with other servers on the network.


Build a Storage Server
-Get a off-the-shelf server with any kind of internal or external storage
-Load Windows or Linux OS
-Load an iTSA
-You have a complete Network Storage (SAN)

iSCSI interface
-Uses standard Ethernet cabling
-More than 4 times better performance than NAS
-Local or remote access to your storage

Storage made easy
-Build an IP Storage using an iTSA
-Build an IP SAN using an iTSA
-No need for expensive Fibre Channel HBA and switches

Windows Storage Server Companion™
-Get any Windows Storage Server NAS appliance                                 
-Load an iTSA
-You have a dual dialect NAS/SAN network storage
-Use the same box for block level or file based I/O applications

Meet your backup window
-Direct backup from your storage Appliance
-Eliminate backup traffic from your servers and reduce backup time

Manage and use a pool of internal or external storage resources from a central management console.

Start with small configurations and grow your storage as your business grows.

Multi-box management
Manage multiple IP SAN Appliances from same User Interface.

Redundant Storage Solution
Build a fully redundant Active/Active IP SAN Appliance

Remote Management
Web based User Interface allows storage management from any local or remote browser

Ease of Use
Simple, easy to use, web based User Interface.

Simple licensing
One license for any number of initiators, or storage capacities.

Storage independent
Support any type of internal hard drive (FC, SATA, SCSI, SAS, etc…), internal raid, or external storage.

Hardware independent
Support any type of x86 based platform.

DAS to SAN Migration
Convert your unused servers and storage to an IP SAN

High Availability
Raid protection and redundancy features for full data protection

Online capacity expansion
Online, dynamic capacity expansion while IOs are running

iSCSI compliant
Full iSCSI compliant, iSNS support

CHAP / Authentication support

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